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At KNAB BUILDER Construction we offer several types of contracting services. We are licensed GENERAL Contractors. Our skilled crews work on every aspect and through all stages of a project. This eliminates the need for, and additional expense of, a variety of subcontractors. Whether you want to work on foundations, excavate to create a habitable understory, legalize existing conditioned space, remodel bathrooms or kitchens, refresh your home’s exterior or completely redesign the function and feel of the entire space we can get it done in a timely and cost effective manner. 

At KNAB BUILDER Co. our goal is always providing in house options for every aspect of a project, we  offer design consulting to go along with the creation of Construction Documents. We can guide your remodel from Design and development through the creation of construction documents into plan approval and permitting and follow through with the administration of the Construction process.

We are there to help you understand what is possible under the current regulations and building codes, how to effectively realize your goals within those structures, get the project approved and complete it in a timely and efficient manner always doing what is necessary to ensure that everyone is adequately informed throughout the process.

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